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The XANT digital marketing and software engineering team has taken steps to provide the best services and quality in the design of various websites and applications by accurately identifying the needs of users and stakeholders. Respect for the needs of users is one of the fundamental principles at XANT.

At XANT, we always emphasize teamwork and innovation.

XANT is not just a website! We pursue various goals at XANT and always strive to satisfy you, our esteemed customers.

Mono Startup and MonoLearn Academy

MonoLearn Academy and Mono startup are ambitious projects aimed at expanding computer programming knowledge and education. However, this is not all of our goals.

MonoLearn has made programming education and professional learning easier for students. Also, by creating a suitable platform, it will assist many software developers and programming instructors in their businesses. It is worth mentioning that a significant portion of MonoLearn's services are provided free of charge.

The idea for the formation of this startup was conceived by Elliot One (Founder of XANT).

استارتاپ مونو و آکادمی مونولرن

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