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Build&Enjoy Startup Platform
  • By Elliot One

Build&Enjoy Startup Platform

The Build&Enjoy Startup Platform offers a comprehensive solution for streamlined project outsourcing in the construction and renovation sectors. It utilizes a modular architecture, specialized user panels, and a wide array of features designed to facilitate project management and offer submissions.


Key Features

  • Business Profile Management: Businesses can manage their profiles, including photos, information, client interactions, offers, and supporting documents.

  • Client Interaction: Clients can communicate with businesses through the platform, send messages, and receive project offers.

  • Project Management: Clients can submit detailed renovation or construction projects, specifying requirements and preferences.

  • Project Offers: Businesses can submit offers for projects, allowing clients to review and accept proposals.

  • Project Reports: Businesses can provide project reports to clients, keeping them informed about progress and updates.

  • Checklist Management: Projects can include checklists for businesses to follow, ensuring all project requirements are met.

  • Membership Subscription: Businesses can subscribe to membership plans for access to full profile features.

  • Advertisements: Businesses can promote products/services through platform ads, targeting audiences effectively.

  • Wishlist Functionality: Users can create and manage wishlists for future projects or services.

  • Discounts: Offers versatile discount options including time-limited, usage-limited, and code-based discounts, prioritizing the latest discounts with support for codes.

  • Purchase and Payment: Securely purchase subscriptions and process orders via integrated payment gateways, with instant activation upon successful payment.

  • User Roles and Permissions: Supports multiple user roles including Client Users and Business Users, each with tailored access and permissions.

  • User Registration and Login: Simple registration and login processes with email verification or Google Authentication, ensuring security with password recovery and change functionalities.

  • Uploaded Media or Files: Efficient management of uploaded files with an admin-managed media gallery, categorized systematically with unique filenames.

  • User Comments: Enables user interaction through moderated comments on business pages, with hierarchical thread displays and IP logging for security.

  • Website Settings: Simplifies management of configuration settings such as payment gateways and contact information using a key-value pair system.

  • Forms: Users can utilize contact us and collaboration request forms to engage with startup administrators.

  • Dynamic Blogging: Versatile blogging capabilities with categories, posts, comments, and tags for news updates and regular content.

  • Website Statistics: Detailed insights into website traffic, user behavior, and product analytics for informed decision-making and performance optimization.


Key Highlights

  • Layered Architecture: Structured with Core, MVC, Persistence, and Services layers for scalability and efficient development.

  • E-commerce Focus: Specializes in construction and renovation project outsourcing with robust features tailored for seamless project management.

  • Multi-Vendor Support: Facilitates multiple businesses/vendors to enhance project diversity and marketplace engagement.

  • Specialized Panels: Admin, Business, and Client panels offer tailored functionalities to meet specific user needs effectively.

  • Automated Processes: Implements automated mechanisms for order cancellations, subscription management, and advertisement deactivation.

  • Integrated Mapping Solutions: Utilizes mapping tools for project and business location visibility, enhancing user navigation and project exposure.


Used Technologies


  • ASP.NET Core

  • Entity Framework Core (EF Core)

  • SQL Server

  • C#


  • HTML,
  • JavaScript
  • Bootstrap
  • jQuery
  • OpenLayers
  • Chart.js
  • Dropzone
  • CKEditor
  • Font Awesome

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