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XANT Overview

XANT is a dynamic software development, web design, and application development team that commenced operations in 2017. Our mission at XANT is centered around delivering superior service with a commitment to excellence and cost-effectiveness. We uphold these principles rigorously to ensure optimal client satisfaction and project outcomes.


With a robust portfolio in software development and web-based systems, XANT excels in crafting bespoke solutions tailored to meet diverse client needs. From custom web applications to WordPress websites, we leverage our expertise to deliver high-quality solutions that align with our clients' goals.


Our team's extensive experience includes:

  • Designing systems for food reservation
  • Developing comprehensive tour booking platforms
  • Creating sophisticated villa booking systems
  • Crafting engaging news portals, corporate sites, e-commerce platforms, and personal websites
  • Building efficient clinic and library management software
  • Collaborating on web optimization and SEO initiatives to enhance online presence
  • Partnering with various businesses to optimize their digital platforms
  • Managing and enhancing the digital presence of cultural and artistic entities like Ranko
  • Providing educational content and training on programming via social media channels such as Instagram, Telegram, and YouTube
  • Contributing innovative ideas and collaborating with startups to bring their visions to life


Under the adept leadership of Mr. Elliot One, XANT excels in project management, team coordination, and fostering productive partnerships with businesses across different sectors.


For further details or inquiries about specific projects, please feel free to reach out. We're here to support your digital ambitions with tailored solutions and expert guidance.

Elliot One

Elliot One


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